All Who Wander…

Waldo Prayers and Apples

I figured since even some of my closest friends were starting to get a little confused about what state I’m in (I’ve almost lost track myself!), it was probably time for a quick update ;)

After a lot of traveling (I know I’m leaving a couple places off this map…), I’ve finally made my way home to good old western PA ♥

Map Prayers and Apples

As usual, I don’t have too much of a plan… but I have a lot of faith that everything will just fall into place ♥

In the meantime, while I look for a job and figure out where I want to live, I’m spending a couple weeks with one of my best friends, Angela…

A.K.A: The inspiration behind that Rocky Balboa post ;) haha

Walters Gabriel

Considering my move started with driving straight to a bachelorette party after sixteen hours on the road, I’m gonna go ahead and say: it’s good to be home :)

All who wander

PS. If you’re looking for good (long) road trip music, you can’t go wrong with The Band ♥ I swear I listened to The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down a million times! :)

…Looking forward to getting back to work on the blog! Talk with you guys soon! ♥

Happy 13th!

What’s your favorite road trip song?

Anything you want me to research for new posts?

Did anyone find Waldo? haha ;)


  1. says

    Hello, so good to hear you found a home … btw Not All Who Wander Are Lost is my personal motto … Bless Tolkien ! Geez I havent listened to The Band in FOREVER but that has to be one of the coolest songs for tripping, I’ll have to have a think regarding my ultimate road trip song (mind blank alert).

    • says

      I know! If I ever get another tattoo, it’s definitely on my list of possibilities ♥ And I *love* The Band! Can’t wait to hear your ultimate song, I have a feeling it’s gonna be one I love too :)

  2. Sharon says

    As they say “home is where the heart is”. I can’t imagine you could be any happier now that you are back close to home – so glad for you :) Hows’ the running going, I’m sure it’s easier to breathe in the North.

  3. Bethany says

    This blog post makes me very happy… and more than a little jealous that you’re shacking up with my old roomie ;) Fun times. (PS – I did find Waldo) See you soon soon soon!

  4. says

    Finally … road trip song extraordinaire …’No Leaf Clover’ Live by Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra … you have to watch your foot on the gas whilst driving though as I find myself speeding a smidge (sshhhh) whenever this song plays :) Have a great week Jessica <3

    • says

      Good pick (and I can def see how you might end up speeding lol) – I love songs w/full orchestras behind them, like Guns N Roses ‘November Rain’ ♥ By the way: thanks for the ‘Mind Over Medicine’ email, it’s officially on my (ever growing!!) list of things to read! :) xo

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