Big News! (And Random Tidbits…)

Hey party people!! It’s finally here! The moment you probably had no idea you’ve been waiting for!

I dont know whats happeningThe official reveal of the brand new, professionally re-designed Prayers and Apples home page!

game showhaha :) Ok, so maybe I’m just a tiny bit more excited about this than everyone else (just a lil… lol) but there’s actually a ton of really cool features that will (hopefully!) make it a lot easier for you guys to use the site and find what you’re looking for!

Prayers and Apples Website Top

(If you haven’t already, head on over and check it out!)

Prayers and Apples Bottom of Website

…Plus we have a cute new mascot ;)

Prayers and Apples girl(Shout out to my amazing web designer, Alex Brooke, who drew that adorable lil cross to match the one I wear everyday ♥ Seriously, she’s the best!!)

But wait – there’s more!

I know, it’s like the fun just won’t stop, right?! lol :)


…Sorry, every now and then my gangsta side comes out ;) haha

Ok, so switching gears a bit: I’m really excited to announce a project that’s been in development for a while….

As most of you know, my mom, Sharon, is like my best friend ever. Like foreva’ eva.

Sharon and JessiWhat a lot of you don’t know is that when I was a lil person, Sharon was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma (not good) which metastasized (very, very not good). Over the next 7 years, my mom had 18 surgeries and tons of other treatments (including chemo, biological vaccines – lots of experimental stuff).

During that time, my friends and I always participated in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life ♥ (Had to find a reason to use this throwback pic somehow!)

American Cancer Society Relay for Life :)

Doesn’t get much more old school than that ;)

Fast forward to today and I’m happy to report that Sharon is good to go – and has been in remission for 14 years!! Yay! :)

HappyDanceWhich brings us to today’s big announcement! I wanted to continue supporting cancer patients, so I’ve partnered with my mom to create The Prayers and Apples Cancer Project – an online resource that consolidates research studies, news articles (you name it!) addressing complementary and alternative medical approaches to cancer treatment and prevention.

Prayers and Apples Cancer Project

Listening to my mom talk about the power of ‘positive mental energy’ – as well as the crucial role she believes faith played in her recovery – is what piqued my interest in all of this mind-body-spirit stuff to begin with :) So it definitely feels like everything’s coming full-circle!

In addition to tons of studies (over 75 so far!), The Prayers and Apples Cancer Project also features links to integrative research centers, tips for finding compatible healthcare providers and more! :)

It’s still a work in progress, but check it out and let me know what you think! And feel free to share with anyone who you think might benefit ♥

Random tidbits, as promised…

In other news randomness: I added a cool lil widget to my About Me page that uploads all my Instagram pics (…gettin’ fancy!):

And the database has reached 625+ studies (wahoo!!). Some new additions that caught my eye:

(Remember, if you ever find a study that sounds super interesting – but don’t feel like drudging through a dozen pages of boredom to get to the point – just let me know and I’ll type up a quick post!)

Also: the site is now fully mobile-optimized! So you can browse away on your phone without needing a magnifying glass ;)

Oh! And in totally random, completely non-science related news (…not that those gangsta puppies had much to do with anything…) – my birthday card game has been ON POINT lately:

birthday card

And I think that’s about it! I got a promotion at work (which is why I haven’t been able to post as much!) and things have been going really good with that :) And I’m just really excited to debut the Prayers and Apples Cancer Project – as well as the new home page! – so hopefully you guys enjoy!!

Looking forward to hearing what you think ♥

xo Jessica


  1. Sharon says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Looks great AND really makes navigating easier. Yahoo to the research area, what a super addition :)

  2. Jessica says

    Love the new mascot! She’s perfect!! excited about the new blog and totally love the birthday party in a box!

    • says

      Hey!! Long time no talk! So good to hear from you! Thanks so much! I’ll have to pop by your blog soon and get caught up on what’s been going on :) Hope you’re doing well! ♥

  3. Kelley says

    What a darling new mascot! And what an inspiring way to introduce the new Prayers and Apples Cancer Project. This story touches my heart, and I am so glad your mom is a survivor!

    • says

      Thanks so much, Kelley :) I have a lot of ideas on how to expand the project, but I was too excited to not publish it any longer :) Hopefully it can keep building over time and really be of use to people :) Hope you’re doing well – I know my mom misses you tons! ♥

  4. Barry says

    Hey Jess! Yeah I really do read your blog, it’s about the coolest thing on this planet you know! :)
    Card was awesome and thanks a bunch for allowing me to be the recipient of such grand box parties!
    Your site facelift looks great and I love the comical add ins too.. lmao =)

  5. Bethany says

    Neighbor, it’s like I’ve always said.. I personally think you are a genius. So awesome!! The Project is an incredible idea and everything looks incredible too. Congrats! And you’ve really upped my expectations for this year’s bday card. Just sayin. Call meeee :)

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