Cute Christmas Party Ideas (With a Healthy Twist!)

So I figured after Monday’s data-packed post (whew!) we could all use a lil mental breather :)

*aka: I could use a fun excuse to play around on Pinterest and not sort through scientific studies for a day ;)

Either way (hehe) I give you:

cute christmas party ideas healthy

(Not all recipes/pictures feature 100% clean food – but they’re all made with a healthy twist!)

Idea #1: Turn everything into a Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Foods

♥ Pinterest credits: Broccoli Tree via Candice_T, Green Bean Tree via Kellie @ Little Nummies, Collection of Trees via Marion Teuben, Kiwi Tree via Natural New Age Mum and Celery Tree by Candice_T

Idea #2: Make appetizers with character ;)

Reindeer Appetizer♥ Pinterest credit: Project Denneler (Use little Laughing Cow cheeses!)

Olive Penguins

♥ Pinterest credit: Persnickety Plates (Click here for assembly instructions!)

santa appetizers

♥ Couldn’t trace this source back – but I’m thinking you could use low-fat cream cheese/whipped cream or maybe get fancy with a lil cannoli filling?

grape santas

♥ Pinterest credit: Ettarie Michelle (I don’t know why, but this one’s my favorite!)

Idea #3: Everything tastes better with a cocktail!

merry martinis

♥ Pinterest credits (click creator for recipe!): White via Fragrant Vanilla Cake, Purple via InStyle, Green via Bar Products and Red via Meet Make Laugh.

Ok, so mayyybe idea number three isn’t that healthy – but then again, multiple studies have confirmed the heath benefits of laughter ;)

Let me know if you have any fun, healthy holiday party ideas!

I’m hosting a Christmas dinner for all my friends this Saturday (wish me luck!!) – so I’ll definitely try out some of these Pinterest finds and let you guys know how it goes!

Merry Merry! :)


Christmas Appetizers


  1. Sharon says

    I agree on the light hearted post during this blessed festive time. I’m not a pintress gal so I really enjoyed the ideas ESPECIALLY the last! Merry Christmas to all :)

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