Faith Prayers and ApplesPrayers and Apples is a Christian-based website that welcomes readers of all faiths. Spiritual involvement – regardless of denomination – is fully encouraged and supported by this site as an integrative treatment element in addressing obesity, depression and generalized anxiety disorders.

Blog posts involving faith are divided into two categories: Spirituality and Christian Inspiration. Spirituality posts highlight the connection between practiced faith and physical/mental well-being; these articles usually summarize scientific research. Christian Inspiration posts feature proverbs, pictures (like the one on this page) and Biblical passages.

How Do You Define “Spiritual”?

I use the terms “spiritual” and “religious” interchangeably and as defined by the Handbook of Religion and Health (abbreviated here by Bonelli, Dew, Koenig, Rosmarin & Vasegh, 2012):

Religion involves beliefs, practices, and rituals related to the transcendent, where the transcendent is God, Allah, HaShem, or a Higher Power in Western religious traditions, or to Brahman, manifestations of Brahman, Buddha, Dao, or Ultimate Truth/Reality in Eastern traditions. […] Religion is a multidimensional construct that includes beliefs, behaviors, rituals, and ceremonies that may be held or practiced in private or public settings, but are in some way derived from established traditions that developed over time within a community….

Spirituality is distinguished from all other things — humanism, values, morals, and mental health—by its connection to that which is sacred, the tran- scendent. […] Spirituality includes both a search for the transcendent and the discovery of the transcendent, and so involves traveling along the path that leads from non-consideration to questioning to either staunch non-belief or belief, and if belief, then ultimately to devotion, and finally, surrender.


Bonelli, R., Dew, R.E., Koenig, H.G., Rosmarin, D.H. & Vasegh, S. (2012). Religious and Spiritual Factors in Depression: Review and Integration of the ResearchDepression Research and Treatment, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/962860

Koenig, H.G., King, D.E. & Carson, V.B. (2012). Handbook of Religion and Health (2nd ed.), Oxford University Press: New York, NY.


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