Laughter Improves Health

A night out laughing with friends could improve long-term health!

P.J. Skerret addresses the physical benefits of laughter in the Harvard Health Blog:

“From brain scans and other tests, neuroscientists are compiling evidence that laughter triggers chemical responses in the brain that lead to feelings of pleasure and a sense of well-being. Laughter also appears to go beyond the belly and the brain—arteries respond to it in healthy ways that could improve blood flow and long-term health.

[…] At the University of Texas, Austin, researchers asked 17 healthy adults to watch a humorous 30-minute video of their choosing or a documentary, with before and after tests of blood flow. The biggest differences between the two groups were in measures of artery function (a test called flow-mediated dilation) and flexibility (the carotid artery augmentation index). These improved immediately in the volunteers who watched a comedy and stayed that way for almost 24 hours. In those who watched a documentary, though, artery function decreased a bit.”

Click here to read the whole article, Laugh and Be Thankful – It’s Good for the Heart.

Additional resources on the subject:

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