Eat Healthy on the Go: A Mother’s Survival Guide

Guest blogger, Judy Shriner, is the owner of Shriner Fitness, LLC; official provider of Stroller Strides in the Columbia & Lexington, SC area.  Lover of a good workout, a long run or a family walk with the dog in tow.

Guest blogger, Judy Shriner, is the owner of Shriner Fitness, LLC – official provider of Stroller Strides in the Columbia & Lexington, SC area. Lover of a good workout, a long run or a family walk with the dog in tow!

Striving for balance in your life is never ending, especially when you’re a mom. You’re always on the go taking care of the kids, house, dinner and work. I was recently asked for tips on how moms juggle work, raising kids and life all while maintaining a healthy diet. In order to continue to care for your family, you have to care for yourself first. This is going to require a little more work on your part, but the result is life changing and very much worth it.

Start simple:

Treat yourself to breakfast every morning. And we’re not talking about a cup of coffee to curb the appetite and wake you up. Sit down with a real breakfast like scrambled eggs topped on a whole-wheat English muffin with a side of fruit and cheese. Or maybe finally enjoy that high-fiber cereal you keep buying but never get to get. Think of your body as a car; fuel it before every trip.

Pack snacks for the next day the evening before.

Rubbermaid has perfect containers for this. Having single servings of healthy food helps keep you fueled for the day without having to rely on a soda, coffee or junk food with lots of sugar in it. Some great snacks to keep on hand are apple slices with a side of peanut butter, nuts, fresh fruit (take the kids strawberry picking!), or hummus with pita chips.

Bring your lunch everywhere.

Brown bagging it is not only healthy but good for the environment! Treat yourself to a snazzy new lunch bag just like you do with your kids. Get back to the basics with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or spruce it up with a romaine lettuce salad topped with tuna, raisins and shredded carrots. The possibilities are endless!

Invest in a slow cooker.

Having dinner stewing early in the afternoon means you won’t be running around like a mad woman trying to prepare a healthy dinner. There are millions of recipes online that entail tossing in a few chicken breasts, two cans of condensed soup and a bag of veggies which turn into a delicious dinner six hours later. Plus you’ll only have one dish to clean rather than two bowls, one pot and three mixing spoons!

Carry your own water bottle.

Try to make it a habit to never let it leave your side. Half the time you’re hungry, you’re really just thirsty.

Remember, you’re eating healthy to feel great, set a great example and have more energy.

Give it three weeks to turn these changes into a habit. The next time you find yourself running out of the house without eating breakfast, ask yourself if you’d want your child going to school without breakfast. We mothers tend to take better care of our families than we do ourselves.

For more on fitness, health and motherhood, be sure to visit Judy’s blog, Shriner Fitness, and follow her on Twitter: @ShrinerFitness!  If you’re in the Columbia/Lexington, SC area, click here to register for Judy’s Stroller Strides classes!

(And speaking of breakfast… check out this article to learn how a bowl of cereal can affect your child’s cognitive functioning!)


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    Thank you so much for sharing this! I need to do better with snack packing.. This past weekend I found myself at a baby shower that I did not “snack” prepare for. I felt like I was starving to death when I finally was able to set down and eat. And even then, I felt like I couldn’t curb my appetite.

    • says

      Baby showers are the worst! The foods are almost too cute to pass up and the punch is so sweet you JUST have to have another cup! :) It takes me forever to break down our snacks for the following week, but totally worth when I realize I have a protein bar or a small baggy of peanuts in our “everyday bag” that gets tossed into the car each morning. Failure to plan is planning to fail!

    • says

      Thanks, Ali! I’m going to have to try out your banana steel cut oatmeal recipe! It looks delish and my mornings are normally hectic!!!

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