Rocky Balboa Wants You To Work Out!

Prayers and Apples reader, Angela, has been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember…

And, over the course of all those years, this girl has watched the Rocky movies more times than I’ve watched Fraiser¬†and The West Wing combined- which is really saying a lot (both about how much she loves Rocky and how awesome our friendship is, based on our DVD preferences alone! haha) :) So to say thanks to Ang for being so supportive, I decided to put together some Rocky Balboa-style fitness motivation to keep us all on our A-game during St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

…Prepare to get inspired! :)

Every champion was once a contender…



Nobody owes nobody nothin…

Nobody Owes You


It ain’t about how hard you hit…

It Aint About How Hard You Can Hit

Nothing is real…

Nothing is real

Going in one more round…

Going In One More Round

If you know what you’re worth…

If You Know What Youre Worth

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Angela says

    Sooo I am laying in bed having the hardest time getting up (I did a new workout class at my gym caled UXF and it was intense so… I’m a little sore this am! Lol)…. And then I hear my phone ding telling me I have a new e-mail. I check my e-mail to find this absolutely fantastic post! If Rocky doesn’t inspire ya to get outta bed nothing will! I am now enjoying a nice cup of coffee!:) Love ya Jess and thanks for making my day!! Sharing on Facebook now!!

  2. says

    LOVE LOVE this! Balboa is one of my favorite movies! I am a huge Rocky fan… :) That is really one of my favorite scenes in that movie because every word is true. :)

  3. says

    This is AWESOME, I love the quotes … Rocky Balboa is definitely this weekends guru for me. The first Rocky was the best for me, I remember rooting for the underdog and willing him to “make it”. I am feeling a Rocky movie-a-thon coming on too :)

    • says

      I like the first one too… I need to find some place that rents it! By the way: just wrote a post for Tuesday about a workshop I think you’d like – don’t know if you’ll be able to travel, but if not I’m really going to try to go… so I’ll post tons of info! Talk more about it Tuesday ;)

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